Utility 3/4 Jersey

Specialized Utility 3/4 Jersey

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Could a single piece of clothing work for just about every activity? With our new Utility 3/4 Jersey, the answer is yes.
With this in mind, we set out to create the most ideal fabric for all sorts of activities, and our customized, highly breathable, lightweight VaporRize™ knit fabric with engineered all-over perforations for consistent air flow throughout, did just that. Since it's a poly, nylon, spandex blend, the fabric is not only durable, but works to move moisture off the body as well leaving you comfortable and dry. The high stretch material is light and super soft next to skin, making it exceptionally comfortable to wear all day.
Using threadless bonding technology, the seams of the Utility 3/4 Jersey are welded together to create flat yet durable, non-abrasive surfaces throughout.
Lightweight VaporRize™ knit fabric is a highly breathable with engineered perforations throughout for consistent airflow. A poly, nylon, and spandex blend is also used for its durability, and it works to move moisture off the body to leave you comfortable and dry.
High stretch material is light and super soft next to the skin.
All seams are welded flat for minimal abrasion throughout.
Deflect® UV 30+ protects your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays